If you think that all you need to do is just push the shutter button on your digital camera and great pictures magically appear; or the more features and options available in the digital camera, the better the digital photos … then prepare to be disappointed. With these thoughts, you’ll get mediocre to average digital photos, and maybe once in awhile a lucky good photographic shot.

The truth is that great photos don’t happen by using great cameras, it’s you. You create great pictures. With a digital camera, you can make your own digital images look professional with a few basic skills and a willingness to do some digital photo retouching now and then.http://809cgi.com/

Here are seven easy tips to help you take better photographs.

  1. Set Your Tones
  2. Polarizing Filter
  3. Outdoor Portraits
  4. Macro Mode
  5. Horizon Line
  6. Digital Camera Memory Card Awareness
  7. High Resolution All the Time